Campaign Overview

As the elders pray about where God is leading, we are continually directed to strengthening the body and reaching others with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Our vision is still the same: Making Fully Functioning Followers of Jesus; Rooted in Hope and Branching Out to the World.

Among many exciting possibilities, we feel a part of this vision may involve being in a new location which is more visible to the community, is closer to a neighborhood, and would also have dedicated space for children to play inside and outside.

Yet, even as we dream about this possibility, we have a major obstacle at this time. We believe our mortgage debt is limiting our opportunities as a church and, while it may have been necessary at the time, it is not God-honoring today.

We are proposing to engage in a Capital Campaign for the purpose of mortgage debt elimination and corporate spiritual growth.

This will:

  • Align us with a Biblical perspective on debt
  • Fulfill our financial commitment to repay Converge who has extended the loan
  • Create flexibility for the church in the future

Through this process we believe we will:

  • Experience personal spiritual growth as we give sacrificially to the Lord.
  • Experience growth in fellowship as we sacrifice together for the Lord.

It is time to be about the work of Tending The Orchard, to clear away that which is hindering so we may continue to grow and bear much fruit.

We are engaging in this Capital Campaign for the purpose of mortgage debt elimination and corporate spiritual growth. Successful completion of this campaign will free $60,000 a year we currently allocate to mortgage payments. Payments which are scheduled through June 2041.

Instead, we will complete repayment of the mortgage at the end of the 3-year Capital Campaign. Not only will this free that $60,000 dollars annually, money currently allocated to our mortgage, it will save over $500,000 in interest payments accrued over the natural course of the original loan.